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Nothing is more difficult than genuinely feeling what another person is going through. You can try to understand, but it’s an illusion to think you can really feel what the other feels. This inability to empathize is the root cause of most problems afflicting society today: crime, violence, war, racism, child abuse and inequality. You can’t really help another person if you don’t entirely understand them. So we do everything we can to help people put themselves in someone else’s shoes. With the virtual-reality simulations of Enliven, you genuinely live through the same experience as the other. And feel what the other person feels. True to life. What it’s like to be discriminated against, for instance. Or to go through life with a Mild Intellectual Disability. Or to be a 7-year-old caught amidst the escalating aggression between two parents. Thanks to virtual experiences, people are able to feel more compassion for others.

Enliven is the first company to fully deploy virtual reality in order to advance a social goal: to create more understanding for our fellow human beings. Genuine understanding for each other is the basis for successful behavioural change. If you feel what the other feels, you are better able to help them on the road to a better and more confident life. We believe that the more lives we touch, the more we can drive meaningful change. Thanks to our virtual reality experiences we help to address social challenges and make the world a little better and brighter. Enliven brings people together.

How we make high-impact simulations.

To guarantee the impact of our simulations, we work closely with experienced experts from diverse organizations and perspectives for each specific theme. The steps are summed up below.

Sustainable Development Goals.

Through our innovation, we proudly improve good health and well-being ánd enrich the quality of education. By doing so, we address two UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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