Starter ImpactDouble impact
1-5 headsets6-10 headsetsMore than 10 headsets
€2.750,- a year€4.750,- a yearContact us

Development Partner.

We never cease to create new simulations. Do you have ideas for new content en would you like to help us make it happen? Contact us to discuss a partnership.


Starter ImpactDouble Impact
1-5 headsets 6-10 headsets More than 10 headsets
Contact us* Contact us Contact us
*Higher rates apply to profit organizations than to non-profit organizations. We are currently evaluating the rates for 2023, so we ask you to contact us if you are interested.

Start making a change today. Sign up on our platform and benefit from the following advantages.

  • Assisted in the start-up process and get started with pre-installed headsets, including possible hardware adjustments for business use.
  • Dedicated technical specialists, which means any hardware or software-related problems are solved faster than the standard Facebook helpdesk in the US.
  • Part of a growing community of organizations in healthcare, government, and education.
  • Participate in decision-making and development of new simulations.
  • A growing library of VR simulations for empathy and understanding, on a platform that is continuously refined and expanded in use and features.
  • Possibility to participate in research with various research partners, including Saxion and the Radboud Donders Institute.
  • Your contribution supports us to continue our work, make more themes relatable, touch more lives, and bring more positive change!