Mild Intellectual Disability.

Step into the world of the intellectually disabled and truly feel what it’s like amidst the sensory confusion and relentless challenges of our complex society.

Feel the frustration of living with a mild intellectual disability.

Even the subtlest of impulses can spark stress and confusion in a person with a mild intellectual disability. Professionals are not always able to imagine how complicated it can be for this group of people to hold their own in our complex and hectic society. This is why the intellectually disabled feel as if nobody is able or willing to understand them.

Step into the MID simulation to experience the helplessness and frustration for yourself. The resulting insight makes our users realize why careful and effective communication is so important to help this target group feel more confident and empower them to take control of their life. No less than 89% of the surveyed professionals (360) confirm that the simulation is of great value for their work.

Success Stories.

Experienced professionals from diverse organizations (including the Dutch Probation Service, Dutch National Police Force, HALT, Child Care and Protection Board, MEE and William Schrikker Group) helped to develop the concept, scenario and script for this simulation. Their input was essential in creating this high-impact simulation, which brings the experiences of a mildly intellectually disabled person to life. Our aim, first and foremost, is to make society aware of the fact that people with MID deserve more attention. And to intrinsically motivate professionals to treat this target group with more patience and understanding.

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