There’s nothing virtual about the impact we make.

When, as a parent, you have felt the impact of domestic violence on your child, you are more willing to stop. And when you really experience what your clients are going through as a professional, you are better able to help. Therefore, our virtual experiences are an effective training tool for both the ones involved, as well as professionals and students.

Change is made with these two ingredients.

1. Feel: unprecedented impact through our VR for empathy.

The purpose of our virtual reality simulation is to truly touch and move our users. The impact of our simulations is unprecedented. No other tool is this effective, this is our promise. For you as a trainer or teacher, this means that you increase engagement and bring about change more effectively.

2. Train: spark a conversation and trigger action.

It goes without saying: our virtual reality simulation is no magic. The VR simulation must always be part of a training or course. After the virtual reality experience made its impact, it is up to you as trainer or teacher to turn this into effective (behavioral) change.

Step 1.

Bestellen en installatie van de VR-brillen.

  • You will receive a live demo on location, or a demo package sent to you.
  • In a few simple steps we teach you how to use the VR-headsets, after which you will experience the simulation(s) yourself.
  • After the demo, we discuss the opportunities and possibilities.
  • If necessary, we will organize another demo for the management team.
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Step 2.

Implementatieplan opstellen.

  • After you have joined our platform, we will help you with ordering the necessary Oculus Quest VR-headsets, which we will adjust for you upon delivery and provide with the available simulations. In the meantime, you plan your first training, so that you can start immediately as soon as you have received the headsets from us.
  • If you already have the Oculus Quest, you can get started right away. We are happy to help you in the installation process.
  • Together we assure the maximum impact by integrating the virtual reality into an entirely new or existing training or training courses. Our experienced team will guide you in defining the training or course, and in developing e-learning modules and manuals.

Step 3.

Aan de slag.

  • You can now get started with your first training or workshop.
  • We evaluate the training based on a short questionnaire. We measure the impact and improve it in steps.
  • Do you have questions or in need of technical support? We are happy to help you.

Already familiar with our virtual reality and in possession of an Oculus Quest?

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