What is virtual reality?

VR is a gateway, using a VR headset, to a virtual, three-dimensional world, where one can experience another’s perspective through a virtual environment with interactive actions. You’re not simply watching a movie, you’re actively participating in the simulation.

How does Social Enterprise Enliven work with virtual reality?

Enliven develops software for VR-hardware, always with a social purpose.

Enliven’s software runs on VR-hardware: the VR-headset. Enliven does not sell VR-hardware but does work closely with hardware manufacturers and distributors to relieve its users throughout the entire process – from purchase, to use and aftercare.

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Who is Enliven?

As a Social Enterprise, Enliven has entirely developed its own application of VR for social good. No entertainment, but software with empathy training and education at the core of everything we do. Enliven is driven by two main goals: awareness and behavioral change, all from our social mission: to allow our users to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes and understand them better. Our virtual reality simulations give our users insight and real understanding for the other person. Our simulations are used in training, therapy, and education.

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For which social themes has software been developed?

How does it feel to have a mild mental disability? Or how does it feel to experience domestic violence as a child? The themes domestic violence and mild mental disability have been produced together with the dutch Ministry of Justice and Safety and the Dutch Probation Service. 

What social themes is Enliven currently working on?

How does it feel to be discriminated against because of your skin color, sexual preference, or your ethnicity? Enliven has been selected as the beneficiary of the Google.org Safety Challenge in 2020 and received a contribution to expand her work on the themes Bullying and Discrimination. With this, Google recognizes the impact of our work and the innovative way we contribute to a better world.

Do you also develop customized simulations?

Yes, we are always open to good ideas. Our heart lies in developing relevant virtual reality software, which contributes to more connection, love and understanding in our societies. Cooperation partners are welcome to develop more socially relevant simulations or to modify current simulations to fit your specific culture and language. Interested? Send us an email.

Wat is het verschil tussen virtual reality met een VR-bril en 360 graden video met een VR-bril?

The big difference is in the degree of interactivity, perspective, movement, and immersion. With 360-degree video you step into a movie. You can’t influence the events and reactions of actors, but you can very well view and judge situations. The video allows you to watch sitting on a chair, or even lying in bed. You’re a spectator.

Enliven’s virtual reality is animated, but characters are developed lifelike. You walk through spaces in the three-dimensional world. By walking around in the virtual environment, you truly feel as if the experience is your own. Fully immersed in the scenario. In addition, in this interactive form of VR, your hands are also present in the simulation, with which you can interact with the environment and possibly make choices. Choices that have consequences on the continuation of the simulation.

Who does Enliven work with?

Our technology partners are Google, Oculus and Microsoft. In the past years we have developed our simulations in close cooperation with the Dutch Ministry of Justice. For the Domestic violence and Intellectual Disability simulations we have worked together with various organizations, including: the Dutch Probation, William Schrikker Group, the National Police, Council for Child Protection, Halt Bureau and Custodial Institutions Agency. Other partners of Enliven are: Ministry of Defense and Youth Protection Overijssel.

Is Enliven doing research? Are the simulations validated?

Probation Netherlands has done extensive research on the Domestic Violence simulation. In the coming years we expect to carry out a number of studies on the themes Domestic violence, Intellectual Disability, Discrimination, Bullying and High Conflict Divorce.

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Is there research on the effects of virtual reality on the brain?

Neuroscientist Aline de Borst of the University of Hamburg has uniquely mapped what exactly happens in the brain when VR is applied.

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How can I experience the simulations (with my colleagues)?

How can I experience the simulations (with my colleagues)?We are happy to offer you an inspiration session so you can experience for yourself what our VR can do for you (Netherlands only). For our international users, we have a 14-days trial available.

I would like to schedule a training/workshop, where can this be done?

We offer inspiration sessions on location. We provide explanations, guidance, and the necessary equipment. (Netherlands only)

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