The team.

Alex Tavassoli.

Founder / Managing Director

A (social) entrepreneur at heart and full of passion for game development and animation. In 2014, Alex realized the potential impact of perspective change through virtual reality; what if parents experience domestic violence from a child's perspective? At the end of 2015, Alex managed to convince the Ministry of Justice to take this leap of faith with him, which marked the beginning of Enliven.

Alex is responsible for running the organization as managing director and is still passionately involved in our simulations' concept and development process. What makes him happy and drives every day is that he – together with his team – can contribute to a more beautiful world through game technology.

Themes close to Alex Tavassoli's heart:

Domestic violence Discrimination Bullying Dementia

Chablis Platenburg.

Director of Impact

As founding member of the ‘Het Vergeten Kind’ Foundation – Chablis was part of something worthwhile before, for over 10 years. The goal of the foundation at the time of its creation in 2010, was to make the lives of children living in the shelter better and more pleasant. Chablis’ advertising background and knowledge of project management, branding and communication proved valuable in the process. When someone manages to touch Chablis with passion, her enthusiasm to make the world more beautiful and beautiful works infectiously. At Enliven, technology serves as a trigger to create more understanding in our diverse society. And for countries where technology is not self-evident: The Enliven Foundation. This is what Chablis loves about her work at Enliven and motivates her to go one step further every day.

Themes close to Chablis Platenburg's heart:

Violence against women Psychosis Low literacy

Esmeralda Massaut.

Producer / Narrative Designer

Esmeralda started her career at Enliven as an intern in narrative design and grew into a permanent and indispensable part of the organization, due to her passion and commitment, among others. She operates from her vital role as a producer mainly, in which she is responsible for the development of our simulations. She leads the development team and always keeps an eye on quality, from beginning to the very end of the development phase of the simulations.

In addition to these tasks, Esmeralda is closely involved in the concept phase of projects. In this she is responsible for gathering and researching knowledge about new themes we aim to address. This process involves sounding board meetings, expert questionnaires, and interviews with experience experts. She is partly responsible for developing the concept, scenario and script from her background, passion, and specialization: narrative design.

Themes close to Esmeralda Massaut's heart:

Depression Negative self-image Burnout Bullying Poverty

Mack Mendes Moreira.

Game Developer

Mack became interested in making games early on. He decided to teach himself before he started his game development study. Mack is skilled and hard-working as a programmer and makes sure he meets his deadlines. Behind the scenes, Mack ensures that our VR simulations function well technically; from start, to menu, all the way to the 'knitting' of the entire experience and interactions. Mack has earned his stripes in the project’s intellectual disability and domestic violence and has grown into an indispensable link within Enliven over the years. In addition, Mack is creatively involved in the entire development process and is mutually responsible for the intuitiveness, ease of use and impact of our experiences.

Themes close to Mack Mendes Moreira's heart:

Pointless violence Elder abuse Discrimination Radicalization

Gerrit Koolstra.

Visual Artist

A visual artist who is full of passion and extremely skilled at visual storytelling. With his years of experience as a game artist, he is a true expert in this field, specialized in realistic modeling and lighting. For the impact of our simulations, it is essential that the user completely immersed in the virtual world and that the environment also tells the story. Gerrit knows how to take care of this like no other. In addition, he ensures that the high-quality visuals are accompanied by a high performance, which allows us to fully immerse the user and maximize the impact of each experience.

Besides the environments of our simulations, Gerrit is also involved in the overall development process, making sure our development process is improved with every step and the progress is smooth.

Themes close to Gerrit Koolstra's heart:

Bullying Discrimination Gamebling addiction

Ruben Kuijer.

Game- & Software Developer

Ruben has been programming since he was 12 years old. After he developed an interest in how games were built, he taught himself Unity3D and C#. A game-development education was therefore a no-brainer for him. Ruben ended up at Enliven through the final internship of this education, and he stayed there after earning his diploma.

Ruben is an incredibly gifted programmer who always knows how to find a solution. Behind the scenes, Ruben ensures that our VR experiences function technically; from start, to the menu options, "knitting" together the entire experience and interactions. Ruben is also responsible for our website and creatively involved in the development process of various simulations, with which he is partly responsible for the intuitiveness, ease of use and impact of our experiences. Ruben likes a challenge and gets energy from the reactions of our users.

Themes close to Ruben Kuijer's heart:

Bullying Domestic violence Discrimination Depression Negative self-image

Ruud van Acquoij.

Client Impact Manager

Part of Enliven since 2018. The first contact came from Ruud’s curiosity. He was curious to know what it feels like to experience intellectual disability, since his son (diagnosed mild intellectually disabled) has been living with it his entire life. His son Tom was there and experienced the simulation as well. When he took off the headset he looked to Ruud and said: 'Dad, this is what I experience every day’. From that moment on Ruud has been an active for Enliven. Ruud approaches clients, provides experience sessions, workshops, and training. He guides organizations to implement the simulations in their training and education programs. It is because of his combined skillset of account management, training, and coaching, along with his personal expertise and experience with intellectual disability, that makes Ruud an excellent addition to Enliven. Ruud gladly takes the time to talk to anyone who is curious to experience the world of VR, eager to innovate and determined to create a more beautiful world for the generations of tomorrow.

Themes close to Ruud van Acquoij's heart:

Intellectual disability Loneliness Burn-out
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