Domestic Violence.

The impact of domestic violence on children is often underestimated. Slip into the skin of a 7-year-old and feel how domestic violence impacts on a child.

The impact of domestic violence on children is often underestimated.

A child that sees their parents fighting is overwhelmed by fear and torn between conflicting feelings of loyalty. Experience these feelings as if you were that child. An eye-opening experience for parents and practitioners alike. This brand-new educational approach offers trainers and offenders a new perspective and insights that trigger behavioural change. Because feeling what the other feels is crucial to truly being able to understand what the other person is going through and bring about meaningful change.

Success Stories.

Dutch Probation Service
A pilot carried out by the Dutch Probation Service found that the programme genuinely leads to behavioural change. The participants, all perpetrators of domestic violence, managed to reflect constructively on their behaviour: they were better able to empathize with their children. Furthermore, months later no less than 80% of the participants still actively intervened to prevent or stop a fight when children were around.

Ministry of Justice and Security
In acknowledgement of its strong impact and wide applicability, Enliven received the innovation award for this simulation from the Ministry of Justice and Security at the end of 2018.

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