All Aboard.

Practise using a Dutch Rail Ticket Machine at your own pace.

Practice with the NS Ticket Machine at your own pace, and without any pressure.

“It would be really great if I could practice using one of those Dutch Rail Ticket Machines in virtual reality, without people in a hurry breathing down my neck.”

These are the words of a person with a Mild Intellectual Disability (MID) shortly after experiencing our MID simulation. That’s where the idea for the All Aboard (Iedereen Doet Mee) tool came about.

We, at Enliven, are all about taking action. So we started to transform this idea into reality. In All Aboard, the user can practice operating the Dutch Rail Ticket Machine safely and without sensory overload. For us, this is only the beginning. We are keen to know what more we can do in the future to empower everyone, old and young, with faster and safer learning methods and help them take on life with more self-confidence.

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Expected release: Fall 2021
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