The first virtual reality company dedicated to social good.

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A more understanding society that works for all of us.

Enliven is the first company fully dedicated to deploying virtual reality to advance social goals. Enliven allows users to step into someone else’s reality and truly feel and empathize with that person through its simulations.

How does it feel to be intellectually disabled? What impact does domestic violence have on children? Or how does it feel to be discriminated against because of your color, sexual orientation, or ethnicity? Nothing is harder than trying to understand someone else’s reality. You can talk and talk, but unless you truly feel what the other person feels, it’s practically impossible to reach out and help. Enliven’s virtual reality experiences now open a window into someone else’s world—the start of true change.

How it works

Sustainable Development Goals.

Through our innovation, we proudly improve good health and well-being ánd enrich the quality of education. By doing so, we address two UN Sustainable Development Goals.


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Start your journey towards change today. Read our white paper to find out all the options, requirements and how to get started.

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