The first virtual reality company dedicated to social good.

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The virtual reality platform for empathy training and education..

Using game technology and the immersive power of virtual reality, Enliven provides the next generation of empathy training and education. Experience a situation through the eyes of a victim. Feel what it’s like to witness domestic violence as a child. Or how it feels when you are being bullied or discriminated against in the workplace. Enliven’s VR is a proven new way to educate the workforce of today and tomorrow, which you have to experience to understand.

How it works

Sustainable Development Goals.

Met trots verbeteren we door onze innovatie een goede gezondheid en welzijn, én verrijken we de kwaliteit van het onderwijs. Hiermee dragen we bij aan twee Sustainable Development Goals van de VN.


Enliven whitepaper.

Start your journey towards change today. Read our white paper to find out all the options, requirements and how to get started.

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