Domestic Violence.

Experience the impact of domestic violence between your parents as a 7-year-old child.

Step into the shoes of a 7-year-old with arguing parents.

If a child sees his parents arguing, it causes fearful feelings and a conflict of loyalty. In this VR simulation, which we developed in collaboration with ministry of justice and the Dutch Probation Service, you step into the shoes of a 7-year-old who sees and hears his parents arguing. It is a impactful, emotional and educational experience for both parents and professionals. This completely new form of learning offers trainers and offenders a new perspective and tools to a better understanding and more empathy. Feel what the other feels is crucial to really understand what the other is going through and to be able to help the other or change a situation.

Succes story and research.

Dutch Probation Service
In a pilot of the Dutch Probation Service, it was established that the program actually leads to behavioral change. The participants of the training, all perpetrators of domestic violence, succeeded in reflecting on their behaviour: they could better relate to the situation and the feelings of their children. Moreover, no less than 80% of the participants managed to stop an impending or ongoing fight in the presence of children months later.

Ministery of Justice
Due to the impact and broad applicability of this VR simulation, Enliven received the innovation award from the Ministry of Justice at the end of 2018.

Available in:
Version 2.3.2
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