Complex Divorce.

Step into the disjointed world of a child caught in an emotional tug of war between their parents.

Experience the internal conflict of a child torn between loyalties to both parents.

Complex divorce is a big issue in our society and highly harmful to a child’s long-term development. Society is still looking for an effective approach to reduce the number of victims. By allowing parents and professionals to experience a complex divorce from the child’s perspective in virtual reality, we aim to underline the plight of children and help to improve their lives. With this in mind, we launched the Complex Divorce project in collaboration with the Youth Protection Service in Overijssel.

Complex Divorce Simulation: a collaborative project with the Youth Protection Service in Overijssel (Netherlands).

Together with experts from diverse organizations we are developing a simulation with the main goal of helping parents to gain insight into the impact of an complex divorce on their children. The intention is to raise more awareness, create a better understanding for victimized children and limit the emotional damage they endure during a complex divorce.

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